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How to submit your business to Shop Saltash

Please complete the form on the Submit Your Business page. We hope to review and publish your submission within 2 working days; should there be any issues with your application or your application is rejected you will be notified.

Should you have any queries please email

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This information is entered for our contact purposes only to clarify your submission or communicate with you about the website. This information is not made public and is not shared with any parties other than Carbon Pixel and those working with us to support the website.

About Your Business

Business Name

Enter your business name as you would be recognised in the locality.

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Please select the category that you think relates the closest. If you are unsure please choose one and provide any further information in the Additional Information section.

Business Address

Please enter your business address in order that we can 1) verify you for eligibility; 2) the public can locate you if you choose for your address to be shown.

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Please tick this if you do not wish for your address to be displayed.

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Please use this to briefly describe your business, what you sell or what your services are. Max 500 characters.

Business Email

Please enter the email address to be displayed for the public to contact you.

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Please enter the phone number to be displayed for the public to contact you.


Please upload your logo at approximate dimensions of 200px. If you are unable to do this, please add a note in the Additional Information section and we can help with this.


Please enter your website address.


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Order Options

Please select all the ways the public can contact you to order your goods/services.

Open for

Please select the options which relevant for your business. For Services, like cleaning, legal, gardening etc please choose Service Provider.

Additional Links

If you would like to provide additional direct links to, for example, a lunch menu or a price list which you have on your website please enter the details. If you only have a file - please send that via email to

Additional Information

Please any additional support information i.e. additional links you may have to menus or price lists. Alternatively, please feel free to email any supporting documents to us on and we can include these with your application.

Privacy Policy

You read our Privacy Policy and confirm that has been done in order to submit your business.


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